Top lawyer: ‘Pete Doherty’s drastically increased his chances of jail’

Legal expert says Babyshambles arrest could lead to prison

Following Babyshambles’ frontman Pete Doherty’s arrest in the early hours of this morning (August 20) for suspected drug possession, a top criminal lawyer has explained that the incident has increased Doherty‘s chances of going to jail.

The singer, who is due for sentencing for previous drug offences on September 4 at West London Magistrate’s Court, was stopped by police after Babyshambles played this year’s V Festival.

Paul Harris, of law firm Edward Fail Bradshaw And Waterson, told NME.COM that the new arrest “drastically increases his chance of being sentenced to jail in September.”

“He’s on bail for a similar offence [drug possession], so because he may have committed this new offence his risk of jail is increased,” said Harris.

The lawyer explained that, should Doherty be charged for drug possession, his plea of guilty or not guilty will make all the difference come his September 4 sentencing.

“If he pleads not guilty it will make less of a difference to his sentencing,” Harris said. “He’ll be innocent until proven guilty. But if he pleads guilty it will increase the risk of jail drastically.”

Harris went on to explain that the judgement would take other factors into consideration.

“The judge will decide on his overall progress, and won’t just base the decision on this one incident,” he said.

“He may still be responding to detox treatment while committing the offence, which will be taken into consideration.”

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