Pete Doherty begins recording solo album

The Babyshambles man has entered the studio

Pete Doherty has started recording his debut solo album.

As previously reported on NME.COM, the Babyshambles frontman has recorded a new track, ‘Darksome Sea’ with producer Jake Fior. Fior has since explained to NME.COM that the song will appear on Doherty’s forthcoming solo album.

“The recording is intended for Pete’s solo project,” Fior said. “He has asked me to make that record and I have agreed.

The producer went on to reveal that Doherty’s record will feature ‘Cuckoo 1440’ – a song originally demoed by Babyshambles in November 2006 – and “a group of Pete’s tracks that haven’t been finalised.”

You can see Fior and Doherty’s ‘Darksome Sea’ recording session by clicking on the video below.

Fior or Doherty have not announced any schedule for the recording or release of the rest of the album.