Babyshambles ready their second album

Drew McConnell reveals all about the band's progress so far

Babyshambles are currently locked in London studio Olympic laying down tracks for what will be their second album.

Logging blog entries each day on their progress on the band’s MySpace page, bassist Drew McConnell has been updating fans on their progress, and hinting at what they can expect with their latest offering, which will be the follow-up to 2005’s ‘Down In Albion’.

Speaking of Pete Doherty’s renewed committal to the band, Drew explained how this has spurred the collective on further.

Writing candidly he explained, “What’s clear now is this second ‘Shambles effort is loaded with a bounty of committed and driven performances by our band leader and first amongst equals. Suffice to say moral is high, nay giddy, amidst the Babyshambles Gang Of Gin.”

Each day, Drew has spoken in depth about the band’s new tracks, giving new insight to the fans. Speaking of new song ’Crumb-Begging’, he joked that it “sounds a bit like Sonic Youth playing a Stooges song.”

His last studio blog, posted on May 24, Drew thanked the fans for all their support before revealing that the band will now “be in the bunker” mixing the album for “the next couple of weeks”.

Babyshambles are set to play the Glastonbury Festival. With the line-up being officially announced on Friday (June 1) stay tuned to NME.COM for all the details.