Babyshambles and co set to fight racists

The View and Albert Hammond Jr also sign up for anti-hate CD

Artists including Babyshambles, The View and Albert Hammond Jr are teaming up to tackle cynical racists trying to exploit music fans.

The acts have been marshalled by Babyshambles bassist Drew McConnell to appear on a special CD to counter an attempt by far-right groups to sneak their messages across.

Following a similar ploy in the US, individuals with links to hate groups like Combat 18 are assembling a CD of white power bands for a compilation entitled ‘Project Schoolyard’.

The racists plan to hand out free CDs to young children outside schools.

Deciding he couldn’t tolerate this assault on young minds, McConnell has teamed-up with Trangressive Records singer Lisa Moorish and the Love Music Hate Racism campaign to release their own CD this summer.

“The manifesto for the CD is that multicultural Britain should be celebrated,” McConnell told NME.COM. “Immigration is not to blame for unemployment or housing problems, and does not negatively affect the economy. The British National Party tell us this is the case. We want them to know they’re not fooling us.”

Along with Babyshambles, Lupe Fiasco and Roll Deep, are contributing tracks , as is Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly – defying recent attempts by right-wing websites to stop his anti-racist message.

Dirty Pretty Things, Fionn Regan and The Noisettes are getting involved and we’re talking to loads more artists who are all keen to be part of it,” added McConnell of the growing tracklist.

Lee Billingham, national organiser of Love Music Hate Racism, is hopeful that the bands’ efforts will undermine the racists’ musical offering.

“The BNP have been trying to recruit school students by putting their own CDs into schools. They are trying to recruit school students, university and college students to their cause,” he warned. “We want to get there first. This compilation can be distributed for free in schools across the country but we wanted to get some really eye-catching acts on there first, so it really stands up as something people want to get their hands on.”

The CD is set to be distributed this summer.