Babyshambles recording brand new songs

Pete Doherty and his band are back in the studio now

Babyshambles are back in the studio recording brand new songs.

The tracks are set to be B-sides for forthcoming singles from their second album, ‘Shotter’s Nation’, which will be released on October 1.

Writing on his MySpace blog, Babyshambles drummer Adam Ficek revealed that the new song titles are entitled ‘Jumping Bean’, ‘I Don’t Know That Man’, ‘Fixing Up (To Go)’, ‘Fireman’, ‘Revelations’, ‘Maybeline’ and ‘Velvet Untitled’.

Meanwhile, a new video of Pete Doherty recording a brand new song, ‘Darksome Sea’, has appeared online. You can see the video now on the NME Office Blog.

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