What connects Pete Doherty, the Queen and the Prime Minister?

Babyshambles man has something in common with our rulers

So what connects Pete Doherty, The Queen and the Prime Minister?

Icons of Albion? Friends with Dot Cotton? No, it turns out that the BBC has prepared full obituaries for all of them.

According to an ‘insider’ at the the Corporation, a full round-up of the Babyshambles‘ frontman’s life has been prepared in advance of a sudden departure from this life.

Prudent perhaps, but usually its an ‘honour’ reserved only for members of the Royal Family and senior politicans.

“We only prepare obituaries in detail for the Royal Family, big politicians and public figures suffering from a serious illness,” the source told The Independent. “But, for obvious reasons, we made an exception.”

Meanwhile, Doherty’s drug order, which has required him to remain on a supervised drug rehabilitation course for the next six months, was revoked earlier this week (October 24).