Pete Doherty announces solo plans

Plus he's working on a new Babyshambles album too

Pete Doherty has confirmed that he is recording a solo album.

The singer added that he is also recording a second Babyshambles album, which will be the follow up to 2005’s ’Down In Albion’.

Speaking about his solo record, he told NME.COM: “There’ll be a solo acoustic album released this year. It differs from Babyshambles because it will be just me.”

Currently the material Doherty is working on has the title ’The Implant Sessions’, a reference to the opiate-suppressing implant the singer’s had fitted to combat his drug addiction.

As previously reported, the former Libertine recently entered rehab in Portugal but explained his recent attmepts to get clean have hit several snags.

“I went to (Portugal) to detox and got clean ready for the implant. Things just kept going wrong with the implant, it was like, some public holiday, then customs cut it open,” he explained. “(Then) after Sweden, it was so bad I had to have a nasty, dirty old hit as soon as we got back to London. It fucked me up for three days.”

Doherty added that he is now thinking about moving out of London to escape such distractions.

“I’ve just been talking about getting a cottage,” he said. “Just a little pond and my guitar.”