Pete Doherty admits drug possession

Babyshambles singer faces seven counts

Pete Doherty pleaded guilty to possession of heroin, crack cocaine and cannabis at his court hearing today (March 23).

The Babyshambles singer has admitted to seven counts of possessing controlled drugs at London’s Thames Magistrates’ Court.

As reported by BBC News, Doherty is already on probation for previous drug offences and is subject to a rehabilitation order.

During the hearing, the singer was accused of possessing 0.406gm of heroin, 0.776gm of crack cocaine, 0.332gm of cannabis resin and 5.94gm of cannabis at the time he was arrested in Riverside Close, Clapton, east London on December 18.

He was then accused of carrying 3.103gm of heroin, 3.664gm of crack cocaine and 2.503gm of cannabis when he was arrested in the nearby Dunlace Road on January 14.

Doherty’s case has been adjourned until April 20 for sentencing following a request by his lawyer Sean Curran.

According to reports, a fracas occurred outside of the courtroom as Doherty was leaving which allegedly resulted in a BBC Radio 1 reporter having a microphone kicked out of her hand by the singer.

Following the 20-minute hearing, Doherty had just climbed the wall outside of Thames Magistrates’ Court when the incident occurred.

Babyshambles are scheduled to play at London’s KOKO tonight (March 23).

Also on the bill are Dustin’s Bar Mitzvah, Selfish Cunt, Lefthand, Delphian Complex and Vanlustbader.