Roger Daltrey: Pete Doherty is wasting his life

The Who frontman lays into the former Libertine

The Who frontman Roger Daltrey has attacked Pete Doherty, accusing the Babyshambles singer of wasting his life.

The singer, whose path crossed with Doherty at Live8, praised current bands like the Kaiser Chiefs and Arctic Monkeys but was critical of Doherty’s drug addictions.

“It’s a waste of a life really, because he’s got talent,” Daltrey told the Sunday Mirror. “He seems to be feeding of it, now he’s become infamous for his drug addiction he seems to think ‘that’s what I do so I’ve got to do it’, it’s very sad.”

Doherty however wasn’t the only musician in Daltrey’s sights, as he also knocked Sir Paul McCartney saying despite knowing the former Beatle for almost 40 years he doesn’t feel he’s met the real man.

Paul acts like what is expected of him, I find it very strange, but it’s how he deals with his life,” said The Who man. “Everything, though, becomes the Paul McCartney show.”

Daltrey did however praise The Rolling Stones, commending them for keeping their edge. “Mick (Jagger) is just remarkable,” said Daltrey, “The amount of energy he has is amazing.”