Band leave the stage twice, but Pete Doherty pulls it off…

Babyshambles official return to the live arena tonight (February 22) proved to be a chaotic but ultimately successful affair.

Following yesterday’s incident-free short warm-up gig, tonight’s show at the London Carling Brixton Academy was subject to several hold-ups which saw the band unexpectedly leave the stage twice during their set.

After former Clash man and Libertines producer Mick Jones – who hinted that Babyshambles are about to start recording an album – introduced them, the group’s first interruption came three songs into the gig during ‘Stix And Stones’. Conditions at the front of the venue became tight and the band left the stage in order to calm the crowd down. The second break proved more controversial.


Doherty appeared to accidentally disconnect bandmate Patrick Walden’s guitar by treading on its lead midway through ’Gang Of Gin’ and although several members of the band’s crew rushed to rectify the problem, the guitarist’s frustrations boiled over and saw him swing a fist at Doherty.

The pair were quickly parted, but again Babyshambles left the stage for five minutes before restarting the gig with ‘Black Boy Lane’.

The duo appeared to have resolved their differences as the rest of the show passed without incident and ended with thunderous versions of ‘Albion’ and ‘Fuck Forever’.

As previously reported, Doherty, who is currently on bail after being charged with robbery and blackmail, had his curfew specially extended to midnight so he could play tonight’s show.


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