Pete Doherty disowns Libertines album

The band’s second album “had nothing to do with me”

Pete Doherty has disowned the second Libertines album claiming “it had nothing to do with me”.

The Babyshambles singer has distanced himself from his former band’s second self-titled LP but says that he still loves their debut ‘Up The Bracket’.

“It took me a year to listen to that first Libertines album,” he said. “I listen to it now, and I love it.”

Referring to Babyshambles debut record ‘Down In Albion’, which is set for release on November 14, Doherty explained. “But I couldn’t listen to (‘Up The Bracket’) like I can with this. I don’t feel like such a fraud, you know what I mean.”

Speaking to The Guardian, he continued: “Like the second Libertines album was nothing to do with me at all. By the time it cam out it had nothing to do with me, the artwork, nothing – I just wasn’t in the band. It was quite strange.”

Doherty has also revealed that he is plagued by demons which manifest themselves in hallucinations.

“Digits in the face. Horrible. I’m shivering now, thinking about it,” he explained. “It like distorts your relationship with the walls. Colours and numbers crawling up in your skin, and stretching you and crushing you.”

When asked whether these were the demons of life, Doherty replied: “Yes, these are the things that were haunting me since I was a kid. Hallucinations or something. Long before I took drugs. I didn’t take drugs till I was quite old. I think I took a couple of bad blows to the head, and ever since I’ve suffered bad hallucinations from an early age.”