Pete Doherty: ‘making progress’ against drugs

Singer’s ‘determination’ praised at court hearing

Pete Doherty has been praised today (March 8) for his attempts to quit drugs as he appeared for a review of his 12-month community order at Thames Magistrates Court.

Despite turning up to court 30 minutes late, the Babyshambles singer was commended for his progress before being ordered to appear again before the magistrates again for a further review on April 12.

Speaking afterwards Doherty told NME.COM, “I’m very happy about the decision, it’s going very well,” before he was mobbed by the handful of fans who turned up at the East London court.


The singer is currently serving a 12-month community order for a series of drug offences he pleaded guilty to last month.

In court Doherty, who wore a black jumper and white shirt, said very little and sat fidgeting throughout the proceedings.

His solicitor Sean Curran said the singer had made good progress since last month’s sentencing hearing at Ealing Magistrates Court, and he remained positive.

Speaking to Doherty, Magistrate McIvor explained: “It seems as if his (Doherty’s) determination is increasing, it is going well but it takes a lot of determination. The order is for 12 months and I expect very good results by the next review.”

Although the singer had tested positive for drugs during recent tests on February 23 and 28 which he must undergo as part of his order, the results had been lower than expected.

Meanwhile Doherty will return to Thames Magistrates Court tomorrow (March 9) on an unrelated matter after he was arrested in December and January on the suspicion of possessing class A drugs.