And Elton John is sorting it out…

PETE DOHERTY is rumoured to be performing a duet with ELTON JOHN at LIVE 8.

The piano tinkling legend has reportedly called organisers of the event to personally demand that the Babyshambles singer is put on the bill.

It is also believed that Elton wants to collaborate with the singer.

A friend of Pete’s told NME.COM: “They have been talking about playing but the last they heard was that nothing has been confirmed yet. It’s now up to the Live 8 organisers to firm up the details.”

He added: “Elton and Pete have a mutual friend but have yet to meet each other.”

Live 8 is set to take place in London’s Hyde Park on July 2.

Babyshambles release their new single ’Fuck Forever’ on July 25.

In related news, Live 8 have rubbished rumours that the Sex Pistols are set to reform for the event.

A spokesperson for the gig told NME.COM that the reports are “bollocks”.