“Johnny is a poisonous snake,” says Pete

Rift between Doherty and Borrell grows

Pete Doherty has called Johnny Borrell a “fucking c**t” and a “poisonous snake,” adding that he “deserved headbutting”.

The rift between the former friends came to light when Doherty headbutted Borrell at this year’s Leeds Festival.

Johnny can kiss it to be honest,” Doherty told NME.


“I keep him in line … he knows the score. Some things catch up with you. You can’t just dish it out. I went down to see a few of his people and he had two blokes outside in a van. He paid two blokes to do me in.”

The two have been friends for several years, since Borrell was 15.

Doherty still has a few good things to say about the younger Borrell.

“He always had good taste in music,” he said.

“He turned us onto a few bands – The Clash and The New York Dolls – and he was only a kid.”