Pete Doherty charge dropped

There was not enough evidence

Pete Doherty had a charge of driving under the influence of drugs dropped today (January 30) after a court heard there was not enough evidence to prove he was at the wheel of the car.

The Babyshambles singer was not present at the hearing, which took place at London’s Thames Magistrates Court.

Due to an administrative error, Doherty was not brought to the court, instead he remained his cell in Pentonville Prison, where he is on remand after admitting drugs possession.

According to the Press Association, the court heard that Doherty was arrested on December 18 in Riverside Close in Clapton, east London, with four passengers in a blue Vauxhall at 9.20am.

The other people in the car fled, but the singer was searched and taken to Stoke Newington police station, where he was questioned for six hours.

At the time, a police spokesperson said that the car was stopped after it was spotted being “driven in an erratic manner”.

Doherty was arrested as the driver.

However, prosecutor Mark Tavender told the court today that keys found on Doherty at the scene of the incident did not fit the car.

He explained: “This is an allegation of driving while unfit. The Crown believes there is not sufficient evidence to prove beyond reasonable doubt that Mr Doherty was driving.”

He added: “The vehicle had four passengers, they all decamped from the vehicle. The keys found on Mr Doherty did not fit the vehicle in question. On the basis that he is in custody waiting (on) drugs matters a decision has been made to withdraw the case.”

Doherty is due back at Ealing Magistrates Court on February 8 to be sentenced over recent drug charges.