Four gigs in four cities as Doherty does a UK tour within a couple of hours...

PETE DOHERTY has played four gigs in a night to celebrate the start of 2005.

The acoustic shows took place in Birmingham, Stoke, Oldham and Manchester, starting around 8pm, with the final set at 3am.

Despite last month’s Babyshambles gig at the London Astoria resulting in a no-show from the singer, Doherty turned up to all the gigs, with fans saying the sets saw manic scenes and attempted stage invasions in Oldham and Manchester.

In Manchester fans said that by the time he appeared on stage in the early hours in the city Doherty was unable to perform properly because of the screaming from the audience and attempts to get on stage to meet him.

NME.COM spoke to one fan who went to all the shows. He explained: “The order he did the gigs was Birmingham, Stoke, Oldham then Manchester. The first set started at 8pm finishing with the last stage time at 3.15am. They were all different shows.

”Birmingham was mellow, Pete did it sat down. Stoke was around midnight which was more like a proper gig. That was an amazing atmosphere. That was the longest set at around hour and a quarter.

”By the time we reached Oldham it was chaos, there was a stage invasion straight away, everyone was crowding around Pete. There were more people on the stage then there were watching from the crowd. And then Manchester was an amazing end. It was the best show of the night in terms of atmosphere. Manchester was special because everyone in the crowd was intoxicated by that time in the morning. It was like Beatlemania. He had to run off from each venue with kids trying to get to get into a car!”

Doherty has also announced details of a gig today. According to the Babyshambles website, Pete will play an acoustic set at Stunners International 2005 at the Great Eastern Hotel in London.

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The next full Babyshambles gig is scheduled to take place at the London Carling Brixton Academy on February 22.

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