The star talks about what has been a very eventful 2004 for him, to say the least...

PETE DOHERTY was finally accepted by the mainstream last night when he was interviewed for BBC2’s flagship ‘NEWSNIGHT’ show.

Chosen as one of the faces of 2004 for a series of big-name interviews, Doherty was quizzed by presenter Kirsty Wark about the break-up of Libertines and his ongoing drug abuse.

Talking about his highly public battles with drug addiction, Doherty told Wark: “I know where the self-destruct button is… I just have to resist the temptation to push it.”

He added: “History has shown that there’s only one conclusion, and that’s the blackout. The great void. Which is worse, maybe, I suppose. I’m not a nihilist and I don’t want to die, so that would be the worst thing.”

Doherty blamed his addictions on a self-destructive impulse, saying: “Each man kills the things he loves. I recognise that in myself – in relationships or even with guitars, or beautiful things that I’ve had, then wilfully destroyed.”

Asked about the early, happier days of Libertines, he added: “There wasn’t a script to any of the videos that said ‘be happy’, but in many ways I’m only happy playing my guitar or prancing about. So it wasn’t an act. It’s never been a script or a role to play.”

The interview was filmed before the aborted Babyshambles gig at London Astoria on Saturday (December 18), which ended in a riot after the band didn’t show.