The singer will open his heart on the television programme tonight (December 21)…

PETE DOHERTY will appear on ‘NEWSNIGHT’ tonight (December 21) talking about his music, creativity and battles with drug addiction.

The guitarist was interviewed for the programme by Kirsty Wark in The George Tavern on London’s Commercial Road.

Doherty will play ’Music When The Lights Go Out’ during the show and will also discuss his relationship with his fans, drugs, Libertines and his recent placing at Number One in the NME Cool List.

Talking about his controversial lifestyle, he tells Wark: “I know where the self-destruct button is… I just have to resist the temptation to push it.”

“History has shown that there’s only one conclusion, and that’s the blackout. The great void. Which is worse, maybe, I suppose. I’m not a nihilist and I don’t want to die, so that would be the worst thing,” he admitted.

Doherty goes on to blame his addictions on a self-destructive impulse, saying: “Each man kills the things he loves. I recognise that in myself – in relationships or even with guitars, or beautiful things that I’ve had, then wilfully destroyed.”

The singer’s mother, Jacqueline, also wrote to the programme, worried about how her son would be treated during the interview.

The letter said: “Peter is a gifted poet, writer and thinker. Please be considerate with him. I feel he is very vulnerable. He is a sensitive soul and has many good points. He has helped so many people. In spite of perhaps your first impression of him, he is actually trying to address his problems.”

The former Libertines reveals that he feels bad about the hurt that his drug addiction had caused his mother.

“In the past it’s been the only reason I’ve ever made any attempt to control myself or address my conduct, knowing that there’s a heartbroken lady somewhere,” he said. “If I was a teetotal vicar somewhere she probably would be equally worried that my bicycle clips weren’t tight enough or something.”