Band no-show leads to violent stage invasion in London...

BABYSHAMBLES UK tour ended in chaos last night after a no-show from PETE DOHERTY’s band sparked a violent stage invasion.

The band have been on the road all week, and were due to end their tour last night at the London Astoria (December 18).

Babyshambles were due on around midnight, but by 2am it was apparent the band weren’t going to show. It was then announced that Babyshambles woudn’t play.


According to eyewitnesses, this sparked a massive stage invasion by between 150-200 people. While security attempted to regain control, crowd members were seen attempting to destroy the band’s equipment.

One told NME.COM: “Several of my friends say that they saw Pete arrive at the venue – whether that is true or not I don’t know. Whatever happened, Babyshambles didn’t play and after two hours of waiting, the curtains were lowered on to the stage and an announcement was made.

”Seconds later what could best be described as a riot began to take place. The curtains were torn down, drinks were thrown, the drum kit was smashed and essentially the entire contents of the stage were destroyed. The security forced the kids back to the other side of the barrier.”

A spokesperson for the Metropolitan

Police said: “We were called by a member of staff at around 2.30am. When we got to the venue no offences were reported and no arrests were made.”

The no-show was the final night of a tour of the UK and Ireland which has been at best unpredictable. Fans at the show at the Blackpool Empress Ballroom contacted NME.COM last week (December 15) concerned for Doherty after he was dragged off the stage by a member of his road crew during a shambolic gig.


The same night he travelled to Liverpool for a second gig, which eyewitnesses say was just as bad.

However, a gig in Sheffield the following night (December 16) passed without incident.

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