Pete Doherty in MTV syringe fiasco

The Babyshambles singer squirts blood on a TV camera

Pete Doherty shocked MTV News TV crews during a recent backstage interview when he squirted a syringe of his own blood at a news camera.

The Babyshambles singer initially refused to speak to reporters before he joined bandmates Drew McConnell and Adam Ficek midway through the interview in Berlin last week.

Doherty then took the syringe out and shot his own blood on the camera lens from a few yards away and shouted: “That was a wicked shot. That’s going to make a cracking link that is.”

McConnell was so angry with the Babyshambles singer he apologetically said: “I think the interview is over. I’m really sorry mate, that’s fucked up,” before storming off.

The video of the incident can be viewed on MTV‘s website – click here to check it out.

The camera crew were then left to sterilise thousands of pounds worth of filming equipment.

Doherty also left the interview but he later returned to perform a song once the lens was cleaned.

At an earlier show in Cologne, the singer surprised fans when he appeared onstage wearing a floral dress, black ripped tights and a red bra.