The Subways’ Billy Lunn in Twitter Pete Doherty gig rant

But both Babyshambles and venue owners deny any wrongdoing

The SubwaysBilly Lunn has launched a Twitter tirade against Pete Doherty, accusing him of “hijacking” the bill at London‘s Proud Galleries for last night’s Babyshambles gig (February 2).

Lunn, who launched a similarly-venomous verbal attack on Doherty in 2008, also had a go at the promoters at Proud Galleries for allowing Babyshambles to take to the stage for the gig.

“I’ve just heard that Pete Doherty hijacked my friends’ evening at Proud Galleries in London by turning up and demanding the stage, forcing all the other bands, who had travelled all the way there and were looking forward to playing, to cancel,” Lunn wrote.

“Even more proof of how much of an inconsiderate tosser that man really is! And shame on Proud Galleries for bending over backwards to allow him to just do that. When will Pete Doherty just fuck off and move to the country?”

A further tweet saw him state that Babyshambles “took money that should have gone to the other bands” – an accusation that both Babyshambles and Proud Galleries have strenuously denied.

Speaking to NME.COM about Lunn‘s outburst, a Babyshambles spokesperson said: “Peter Doherty never took any money due to any other band. The majority of the money was made via a direct ticket link specifically for Babyshambles tickets. If Mr Lunn is suggesting what I think he is it could be construed as Peter (and Babyshambles) taking money which didn’t belong to them… that’s not a million miles away from an accusation of theft and he’s skating on very thin ice throwing that kind of accusation around.”

Proud Galleries owner Alex Proud also refuted any allegations that other acts’ sets were cancelled or that bands went unpaid.

“It seems that the bands who did play actually received more money because of Peter playing the evening,” he said. “Ticket prices increased on confirmation of Babyshambles but the original ticket buyers’ tickets were honoured at the original price. This was done with full co-operation and agreement between the venue and the promoters. Babyshambles were unaware of these negotiations but I think it is perfectly apparent they were handled in a professional manner.”

Elsewhere in his rant, Lunn labelled Doherty “an antillectual, egotistical druggy. Dirty, smelly and horrible!”