The band have recorded twelve songs in seven days…

Babyshambles have recorded 12 songs for their eagerly awaited debut album and are set to arrange another five tracks this week.

The band have been hard at work in the Twin Peaks studio in Wales for just seven days, and according to a posting on their official website, a further six new songs have also been written.

Songs already recorded are: ’Gang Of Gin’, ’Black Boy Lane’, ’Loyalty Song’, ’A Rebours’, ’Do You Know Me?’, ’32nd Of December’, ’My Darling Clementine’, ’Fuck Forever’, ’In Love With A Feeling’, ’Albion’, ’8 Dead Boys’, ’Sticks And Stones’ and according to sources, “a new one featuring guest vocals”.

Clash are currently arranging ’Pipe Down’, ’What Katie Did Next’ and ’Alibi’ and will record ’Wolfman’, ’Babyshambles’, ’The Man Who Came To Stay’ and ’Killamangiro’ next week.

Manic Street Preachers’s Mick Jones and producer Bill Price are working with the band on the LP in the remote studio previously used by Catatonia and [a][/a].

As previously reported on NME.COM, singer Pete Doherty was given permission to go to Wales after rearranging his strict bail conditions in relation to charges of alleged blackmail and robbery.