Babyshambles star at crisis point after latest arrest

Pete Doherty has admitted he fears he will land up in prison after his arrest this week.

The troubled Babyshambles singer was arrested again on Tuesday (November 29) on suspicion of carrying Class A drugs, and must return to the police station later this month.

Talking to the Sunday Mirror today, Doherty described the incident: “I was driving with Wolfman and got stopped because they thought I was driving erratically. We were just unlucky to get pulled over.”

Doherty had just returned to the UK after a failed rehab attempt in Arizona, and the previous night went to see The Bravery and The Paddingtons at Brixton Academy the night before the arrest.

“I hadn’t even told my mum I was back from Arizona and then I got nicked,” he continued. “I feel really bad for doing this to her. I’m pretty sure though that I’m going to get in trouble – and I really think I’m going to prison this time.”

“I can’t go back to prison. I can’t – I don’t think I could take it.”