Babyshambles arrive onstage 90 minutes late at Brixton album launch

The band showcased tracks from their new album 'Sequel To The Prequel'

Babyshambles played a special album launch party at London’s Brixton Jamm last night (September 3), taking to the stage at the delayed time of 11.10pm.

The band – now comprised of Pete Doherty, Drew McConnell, Mik Whitnall and a touring drummer and keyboard player – were originally meant to perform at 9.45pm but were delayed due to Doherty’s late arrival. Fans booed a representative from the venue who came onstage to announce the late running of the show. Several people were also overheard saying they had to leave to catch the last train before the band had even come on and the venue was notably emptier by the time the band arrived onstage.

Entering to ‘Shotter’s Nation’ track ‘Delivery’, however, the quintet managed to keep the remaining crowd on side throughout the set. Doherty wore a black leather trilby and careered around the stage, swinging from the lighting rig and high-fiving audience members.


Continuing with the title track to their 2006 EP ‘The Blinding’, Babyshambles then played a selection of tracks from new album ‘Sequel To The Prequel’ – which was released on Monday (September 2) – including ‘Nothing Comes To Nothing’ and ‘Fireman’.

Following single ‘Farmer’s Daughter’, Doherty addressed the audience, declaring, “Yes, we are Babyshambles! Hello!” before launching into another track from ‘The Blinding’ – ‘I Wish’. McConnell then asked the crowd if they should “play another new one” before beginning album track ‘Maybelline’.

The band then continued with more new tracks including ‘Dr No’ and a sped up version of ‘Penguins’, before Doherty announced that they would “do a song we haven’t played in nine years” to huge cheers before cannoning into ‘Gang of Gin’, complete with Doherty stage diving and then proceeding to sing parts of Glen Campbell’s ‘Rhinestone Cowboy’. Babyshambles then finished with an uproarious ‘Fuck Forever’ before exiting.

Babyshambles played:

‘The Blinding’
‘Nothing Comes to Nothing’
‘The Man Who Came To Stay’
‘Fall To Grace’
‘Farmer’s Daughter’
‘I Wish’
‘Loyalty Song’
‘New Pair’
‘8 Dead Boys’
‘Dr No’
‘Seven Shades’
‘Gang Of Gin’
‘Fuck Forever’