Babyshambles play ‘secret’ Great Escape show

Pete Doherty play open-air afternoon gig

Babyshambles played a ‘secret’ afternoon show yesterday (May 16) at thet Audio venue in Brighton, where the Great Escape festival was taking place.

The gig, organised by Levi’s, saw Pete Doherty and co play an open-air set from a stage erected in the garden of the venue to fans who had queued up for special wristbands.

The foursome, who hadn’t had much sleep since the Babyshambles/Libertines reunion show that took place in London in the early hours of yesterday morning occurred, opened their set at 6pm (BST) with ‘Side Of The Road’.

They played a six-song set in total, during which Dohery delighted the crowd – including hundreds of fans peering over from the adjacent bar’s garden – by heading a football kicked up to him mid-set.

Babyshambles played:

‘Side Of The Road’
‘Beg, Steal Or Borrow’
‘Fuck Forever’