Pete Doherty facing crown court trial in Gloucester

Babyshambles man to stand trial in Gloucester for drink, driving and drug offences

Pete Doherty is to stand trial in Gloucester Crown Court after being arrested for drug, drink and driving offences.

The Babyshambles frontman was arrested in the early hours of yesterday morning (June 11) after being spotted by police driving erratically in Gloucester.

The star was facing six charges today (June 12) in Stroud Magistrates Court.

The singer denied driving dangerously in a Mercedes, entered no plea regarding the drink-driving charge and pleaded guilty to two drug possession offences and to having no license or insurance, reports

Magistrates decided that the case was too serious to be dealt with in that court, so it has been sent to Gloucester Crown Court.

Doherty has been released on a bail of £50,000, and will appear on trial in the court on August 11. There were several conditions, including that Doherty must remain at home at night except when playing gigs.