Babyshambles play set without band member in Spain

Pete Doherty and co carry on without Mick Whitnall

Babyshambles played a crowd-pleasing set at Bilbao BBK Festival in northern Spain today (July 10) without guitarist Mick Whitnall.

Coming onto the sun-lit stage in a black suit and tie, Pete Doherty greeted the crowd by referencing a mysteriously absent Whitnall, saying, “Buenos noches. We’re a man down today as you can see.”

Before playing ‘Don’t Look Back Into The Sun’ to an ever-expanding audience on a hot afternoon, Doherty exclaimed, “Viva Espana!” to a loud cheer, before baffling the crowd with, “Viva Macedonia!”

At one point during the set, bassist Drew McConnell played the bassline to Michael Jackson classic ‘Billie Jean’ and Doherty sang the line, “She was more like a beauty queen” [sic].

Watching from the side of the stage were Kaiser Chiefs‘ Nick Hodgson and Simon Rix – the band are set to play later in the evening.

Also due to play at Bilbao BBK festival tonight are the Dave Matthews Band, Jane’s Addiction, Chris Cornell and Echo And The Bunnymen.

After the show, Doherty explained: “We’re really sorry about Mick not being here. He missed his buses and couldn’t get on about four flights. He tried to get here.”

Babyshambles played:

‘What Katy Did’
‘Carry On Up The Morning’
‘The Last Of The English Roses’
‘Back From The Dead’
‘Side Of The Road’
‘Time For Heroes’
‘Fuck Forever’
‘Don’t Look Back Into The Sun’
‘There She Goes’
‘Broken Love Song’
‘Time For Heroes’
‘French Dog Blues’
‘Palace Of Bone’
‘New Love Grows On Trees’