Pete Doherty: ‘Babyshambles need to stop arsing about’

Singer/guitarist says he and his band need to get into shape

Babyshambles frontman Pete Doherty has said that his band need to stop “arsing about” and get their act together if they want to be successful.

Speaking to MTV News, Doherty hinted that he thought the band had under-achieved so far, and pointed to their financial situation.

“We need to sit down as a band and talk about the future,” he said. “What’s happening and why, when and who with. [After] two years of arsing about, we could actually make money out of this job.”

“I’ve just realised people are always saying to me, ‘Yeah, but you can afford it’,” he continued, “and I’m like, ‘What’s making them say that?'”

Doherty went on to talk about the crowd at the Rock Am Ring in Germany, where his band had performed at the weekend (June 7).

“They think we’re a bunch of penises,” he said. “They think we’re pussies but what they’ve got to understand is those bands are all about special effects and pedals. Every scream that comes out of my guitar is because I’m screaming and my fingers are screaming.”