Festival cancelled after police ban Pete Doherty and Babyshambles

Authorities said Pete Doherty's band would 'incite violence'

The Moonfest – the bash previously scheduled to take place on August 29-31 in Wiltshire – has been cancelled after police banned Babyshambles from performing at the bash.

As previously-reported on NME.COM, Wiltshire police claimed that Pete Doherty’s band were too likely to incite violence.

They presented their views to North Wiltshire Magistrates who then orgered Moonfest organisers to strike Babyshambles from the bill.

As a consequence of the cancellation the festival has been cancelled, reports BBC News.

Organiser John Green blamed the police for the cancellation. He said it was “due to the ramifications presented to us by the actions of the police” that the decision had to be made.

Superintendent Paul Williams of the Wiltshire Police said he didn’t blame the band for his decision, he blamed their fans. “The issue is not the act itself, it is the profile of fans that follow the act,” he said. “Wiltshire Police do not have an issue with Pete Doherty or Babyshambles.”

Babyshambles drummer Adam Ficek said he thought the police’s decision was an overreaction, and that his band plan to organise an alternative gig near the festival site.

“The whole thing is a farce, it’s almost comical,” he told NME.COM.

“The organiser of the festival is now on the verge of bankruptcy,” he continued. “Why? Because we intentionally speed up and slow down the tempo of our songs. We’re now in the process of trying to make it happen in a different venue. Watch this space.”