Babyshambles vow to stick by Pete Doherty

Band will not split despite former Libertine being jailed

Babyshambles have vowed to stick by Pete Doherty after he went to prison yesterday (April 8).

The Babyshambles singer was sentenced to 14 weeks in jail after he was late to a probation session.

West London Magistrates’ Court said Doherty had been imprisoned due to a “breach of time-keeping, non-compliance of his order and using different drugs”.

However, his Babyshambles bandmates have vowed to back the singer who, under current rules, is expected to serve one month inside.

Speaking to BBC 6 Music, drummer Adam Ficek said he was “gutted” for his singer.

“He’s had lots of chances, he’s going to find it really difficult in there,” said Ficek. “All I can say is that the band are going to stick with him as always.”

Doherty’s sentence means he will have to postpone a solo gig at the Royal Albert Hall on April 26. Should he serve the full length of his sentence he would also miss the Glastonbury festival.