The band are certainly letting everyone know they've got a new album coming out...

The sophisticated marketing techniques surrounding the BACKSTREET BOYS’ fourth album ‘BLACK & BLUE’ have taken yet another leap forward with news that a special live broadcast of the band performing tracks from the album will be beamed directly to one of AMERICA’s biggest chains of shops.

Wal-Mart, who are already offering a special edition version of the album with a bonus track unavailable in any other retailer, will be beaming the show directly into their home entertainment departments at 7pm on Tuesday, 21November. The broadcast will include interviews, behind the scenes footage and performance and will also be available via the Wal-Mart website,

Meanwhile, Billboard report that 2.5 million of ‘Black & Blue’s six million pre-orders are going to Wal-Mart, prompting speculation that the chain will be slashing prices. Last month, rival chain Best Buy dropped Limp Bizkit albums to $9.98. Analysts are suggesting that Wal-Mart’s $8.88 price – used during the 1994-96 US price war – might rear its head again on Monday.


A New York Backstreet Boys press conference on 21 November is also planned as the band gear up for a promotional campaign that is set to dwarf recent drives by the likes of Westlife.