Judging by the emails NME.COM has received since previewing the album, the fans can hardly wait for 'Black & Blue'...

BACKSTREET BOY BRIAN LITTRELL has been talking about the band’s new album and how it is “a lot different” from the group’s last effort Millennium.

‘Black & Blue’ is released on 20 November, and Littrell reckons the group have stretched themselves to good effect on the LP.

According to Littrell, “I think ‘Black & Blue’ is a lot different.


It’s a lot more diverse, I think, than the ‘Millennium’ album. When ‘Millennium’ came out, it was kind of the songs for the time. Going into the millennium, it was kind of monumental for every human being on this earth. With ‘Black & Blue’, I think it’s a little more diverse song to song.”

Since exclusively previewing ‘Black & Blue’ last week, NME.COM has been deluged with emails from Backstreet Boys fans worldwide. Among the comments are hopes that it is “just like ‘Millennium” and that it “whoops *N Sync’s ass”.

There has, however, been some concern over the proposed sleeve for the album.

On this note Littrell explains to

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