BACKSTREET’S BLACK (& BLUE)! can bring you the full tracklisting or the eagerly awaited 'Black & Blue'... has the tracklisting for the Backstreet Boys‘ forthcoming album ‘BLACK & BLUE’, due for worldwide release on November 21.

According to Jive Records‘ official site [url=], the tracklisting runs as follows: ‘The Call’ ‘Shape Of My Heart’‘Get Another Boyfriend’ ‘Shining Star’ ‘I Promise You (With Everything I Am)’ ‘The Answer To Our Life’ ‘Everyone’ ‘More Than That’‘Time’ ‘Not For Me’ ‘Yes I Will’ ‘It’s True’ ‘How Did I Fall In Love With You’

Meanwhile a huge online guerilla online marketing campaign has begun, in which Backstreet Boys fans are invited to spread the word about the band’s new album. The Official Online Street Team has established a mailing on the popular egroups network as a “gathering place”. According to the group’s description at [url=], “Members will have the opportunity to help spread the word about the group and their new album _ Please come and join the BSB-OOST, and help boost record sales for ‘Black and Blue’.”

The pressure is on the Backstreet Boys to follow the success of last album ‘Millennium’ – and to re-establish their sales record which was broken earlier this year by *N Sync. Last week *N Sync‘s Chris Kirkpatrick said he was sick of the rivalry, adding: “I feel a little sorry for them because they feel they’ve got something to prove. They’re very successful at what they do, and they’re talented.”

The first release from ‘Black & Blue’ will be the single ‘Shape Of My Heart’ – already a Napster favourite – later in October.