Backstreet Boys star arrested after allegedly resisting arrest in a nightclub...

Backstreet Boys member NICK CARTER has been charged with resisting police arrest.

The 21-year-old boy band star was detained by police after a fight broke out at the Pop City nightclub in Tampa, Florida at 3.20am on Wednesday (January 2). Carter was arrested and handcuffed after allegedly refusing police orders to leave the club. He was later released after being charged with with resisting or opposing a law enforcement officer without violence.

After police arrived at the nightclub to break up the fight, Carter allegedly became involved in a row with a woman at the venue. The singer’s arrest report states that police told him to leave the venue more than ten times before arresting him.

Tampa Police said Carter, who is the group’s youngest member, is due to appear in court on March 4.

Carter’s arrest is a further blow to the group’s image following A J McLean’s rehab treatment for drinking problems.