Michael Jackson, James Brown and Ricky Martin also to appear in the 'United We Stand' show...

‘NSYNC, BACKSTREET BOYS, MICHAEL JACKSON, AEROSMITH and JAMES BROWN are reported to be featuring in the latest benefit concert to help raise funds for the victims of the US terror strikes.

The show, named ‘United We Stand’, will take place on October 21 at the RFK Stadium in Washington DC, according to MTV news.

Other artists expected to appear include Mick Jagger, Ricky Martin, Al Green and Kiss.

Speaking about the event, ‘NSYNC vocalist Lance Bass said: “It’s amazing. We have everyone from Aerosmith to Matchbox Twenty, us, Bruce Springsteen… so many people are coming out and really supporting this thing… and Michael Jackson will be there. It’ll be big.”

Funds raised from the event will be contributed to the American Red Cross Relief Fund and Salvation Army.