Kevin Richardson is attempting to raise awareness of colorectal cancer, which killed his father. Meanwhile, Howie D is set to frolic with white tigers...

Environmentally crusading BACKSTREET BOY KEVIN RICHARDSON has been in WASHINGTON DC assisting senators in their quest to build awareness of colorectal cancer, ahead of a weekend that could see HOWIE D interacting with “live white tigers”.

Richardson, who lost his father to the cancer in 1991, has been pioneering awareness of the cancer and said that the issue was, understandably, “close to my heart”. The Eliminate Colorectal Cancer Act is calling for preventive screenings, as, if caught early enough, the cancer can be halted – a fact that Richardson admits could have saved his own father’s life.

This isn’t the only extracurricular crusade for Richardson. His environmental foundation Just Within Reach, launched last year, is in full swing, listing its objectives as “to educate and inspire people to understand and value the unique world around them”; “to foster a sense of personal responsibility for our actions and their impact on our environment”; and “to hold accountable those who exploit from future generations the very health of the Earth, its natural treasures and all living things”.

Meanwhile, tomorrow (April 7) sees Howie D acting as Grand Marshal at the Orlando Easter Parade, which will apparently include “live white tigers and horses”. The event kicks off at 12.30pm outside the Orange County Court House on Orange Avenue.

In addition, members of the band’s online fanclub are being offered priority tickets for more dates on the band’s mammoth US tour. From tomorrow, tickets for dates in Raleigh, Greensboro, Buffalo, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Bernadino, Denver and Dallas will be available.