The happy couple's wedding snaps have turned up in OK! Magazine....

Backstreet BoysBRIAN LITTRELL‘s wedding snaps have turned up on the cover of UK celebrity magazine ‘OK!’ – the same publication that paid for the rights to serialise the POSH and BECKS wedding – pushing 60-year-old CLIFF RICHARD to the inside pages.

Brian‘s happy day – which has been captured over 15 glossy pages – comes after a turbulent couple of years for the couple. At one point Leighanne actually walked out on Littrell after he postponed, for the second time, a life-saving heart operation. She relates the ultimatum to ‘OK!’: “Have surgery or lose me and your health.”

Brian and Leighanne met on the video shoot for ‘As Long As You Love Me’ in 1997. Brian proposed on Christmas Eve, 1999, and the couple’s wedding saw over 300 guests turning up to celebrate the happy day.


Pictures include Brian onstage singing a special song for Leighanne (“It doesn’t have a name and I have no plans to ever perform it again”), Brian on the floor attempting to put his bride’s shoe back on, the rings in a beautiful miniature and gold chariot, and Brian and Leighanne cutting the biggest wedding cake anybody at NME.COM has ever seen.

‘OK!’ goes on sale throughout the UK tomorrow (October 21), and also features pieces on Prince William in a river and TV presenter Gail Porter in the bath.

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