The popsters don't just want to stick to what they do best...

American boy band the Backstreet Boys are planning to open their own hotel.

The group are looking to develop property in the American city of Huntsville, Alabama. According to press reports, band member Kevin Richardson visited the city on Monday (September 11) and met up with city council officials and real estate developers.

The hotel would be the latest in a line of extra-curricular Backstreet Boys projects, which include comic book ‘The Backstreet Project’, created by Marvel Comics artist Stan Lee.


The move would see the group follow in the footsteps of U2, who own The Clarence in Dublin, and plans in Liverpool to open a themed Beatles hotel on the site of the original Cavern Club on Matthew Street.

After news of a Britney Spears museum in her home town, where will this trend go next? Radiohead opening a fast food chain? Daphne & Celeste running a pig farm? And should pop stars just stick to what they do best? Have your say! To go to Angst Click here…

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