BBC Radio 1's The Lock Up kicks off in the new year...

The unstoppable growth of hip-hop and underground punk is to be further evidenced with a new show on BBC RADIO 1.

The Lock Up, hosted by newcomer Mike Davies, will air at 2am (GMT) on Mondays, kicking off on January 7. It will feature, says the BBC, “two hours of non-commercial punk, skate rock, thrash and underground” from the likes of Discharge and Executioners.

The first show will feature veteran Californian punks Bad Religion with live with exclusive tracks from their new album ‘The Process Of Belief’.

LA born Davies said his show will appeal to: “The type of kids that when you walk down the street, you try to stay away from. They are the ones with skateboards, baggy pants and hats turned backwards.

“They are the kids that go out to gigs every night, they are your typical kind of skaters, snowboarders, extreme sports kind of kids and also the kind of kids who love their punk rock and hip-hop,” he added.