The offending ale lands on the mixing desk, causing a lengthy delay...

Bad Religion‘s first LONDON gig in six years ended in chaos last night (January 5) because of a stray pint of beer.

At 10pm, an hour into the band’s set at Kentish Town Forum, a pint of beer was thrown from the balcony. It landed on the mixing desk, causing the venue’s PA system to be shut down. A lengthy delay followed, but to the obvious relief of a capacity crowd, the legendary hardcore punk band eventually completed a truncated set by turning the onstage amps up to maximum volume.

In town to promote their 12th album, ‘The Process of Belief’, Bad Religion‘s line-up included guitarist Brett Gurewitz, who rejoined the band last year after a lengthy absence. Gurewitz is head and founder of Epitaph, the label to which Bad Religion are currently signed. He originally left the band in the mid-80s to battle drug addiction.

The line-up also included a new drummer, Brooks Wackerman, who previously played with Suicidal Tendencies and The Vandals.

The full setlist ran as follows:


‘Stranger Than Fiction’


‘Prove It’

‘Can’t Stop’

‘Sewing The Seeds’

‘Kyoto Now!’

‘No Control’



‘Recipe For Hate’


‘Do What You Want’

‘Them And Us’

‘Modern Man’





‘Fuck Armageddon’

‘American Jesus’