The former 'Dynasty' star will be adding even more glamour to Damon Gough's already glitzy video...

JOAN COLLINS is to star in the video for the new BADLY DRAWN BOY (DAMON GOUGH) single.

The star of ’70s films such as ‘The Bitch’ and ‘The Stud’ is rumoured to be receiving #50,000 for her part in the video to ‘Pissing In The Wind’ – the third single to be lifted from Gough’s Mercury Prize-winning ‘The Hour Of Bewilderbeast’. The track features a collaboration with Doves, who formerly acted as BDB’s backing band.

“Damon has been a big fan of Joan’s for a long time,” a friend told the Daily Star newspaper at the weekend (March 10). “He loved some of her earlier work, including ‘The Stud’ and ‘The Bitch’. And knowing Damon’s sense of humour, it’s not surprising he wanted someone special, out of the ordinary.”

It will be 67-year-old Collins’ first appearance in a music video. The former star of ‘Dynasty’ is set to play a role that sends up the glamour-puss parts that made her famous.

A spokesperson for BDB told NME.COM that the promo would be shot in London this week. The single is due for release on April 30.