A host of stars will turn up for a street party later this month in memory of the late Clash singer...

Clash‘s MICK JONES, BADLY DRAWN BOY, DAMIEN HIRST and BEZ are amongst the stars set to attend a street party later this month in memory of JOE STRUMMER.

Taking place at 12pm outside Bridgwater’s Concrete Castle on July 17, the event is to raise support for the Strummerville charity. The organisation aim to provide benefits for the production of music by young people otherwise unable to due to lack of the necessary funds.

The group are aiming to create unique creative work spaces called Strummerville in locations around the world in honour of the late [a][/a] singer – a resident of Bridgwater during the last years of his life.

The Concrete Castle is currently in the shortlist for the BBC’s ‘Restoration’, where the public vote for which national landmark they would like to see restored.

The Strummerville charity are aiming to get the public to vote for the Concrete Castle; because if it wins the building will be transformed into the ‘Concrete Casbah’ – the headquarters for the organisation.

The ‘Concrete Casbah’ would then feature rehearsal, meeting and performance spaces, a cafe, cinema and an art gallery under the aegis of Damien Hirst.

For more details on the Restoration series and how to vote, visit [url=]