A new track from the star features on a new MP3 compilation...

BADLY DRAWN BOY has added an all-new track to his label’s new MP3 compilation.

Twisted Nerve’s ‘Jukebox 45 Singles Compilation’, available from this week, is the first release from an independent UK label to be available exclusively on MP3.

Along with tracks from Twisted Nerve artists like Jane Weaver and Aidan Smith, the label’s founder, aka Damon Gough, contributes a new track, ‘Like Animals’.

As previously reported, Gough recently completed his new album, ‘One Plus One Is One’, which he recorded in Stockport with old friend and collaborator Andy Votel.

The Twisted Nerve compilation is available [url=]here on the label’s official website for £3.99. The tracklisting is:

’Bongos And Go’ – Aidan Smith

’It’s Not Over Yet’ – Jane Weaver

’Like Animals’ – Badly Drawn Boy

’Hope I Don’t Cry’ – Jack Cooper

’A Thousand Dreamers’ – Jukes

’Bootylicious’ – Keyboard Rebel