The two factions battle over reality TV. Honestly...

Last week, the august halls of the OXFORD UNION saw BADLY DRAWN BOY and NICK RHODES from DURAN DURAN debating the motion “ARE TV TALENT CONTESTS KILLING REAL MUSIC?”.

Surprisingly, Badly Drawn Boy (AKA Damon Gough) opposed the motion, while Rhodes was in favour.

The rest of Gough’s team comprised of journalist and broadcaster Miranda Sawyer and ‘Pop Idol’ judge and Capital Radio host Neil Fox. Journalist David Hepworth and U2‘s manager Paul McGuinness joined Rhodes.

Rhodes gave a speech which began claiming “Reality TV is the junk food of entertainment,” and ended with the flourish “we are losing our musical identity,” via an interjecting student who asked him to “shut up and sit down.” Gough, meanwhile, related a story about meeting ‘Pop Idol” runner-up Darius Danesh at an airport who told him how much of an inspiration Gough was. “I felt cheated and I wasn’t sure I liked the idea that he liked my music,” said Gough, before concluding that TV talent show stars “give me something to kick against.”

Gough’s side won the debate.