The star puts the kids to bed before performing a storming set at Manchester's Night & Day Cafe...

BADLY DRAWN BOY debuted brand new songs from his two forthcoming albums last night (April 1) at a tiny hometown MANCHESTER show.

The gig, at the Night & Day Cafe, marked the launch of a new club night, ‘Twisted Nerve’s White Rabbit’. Night & Day has become the social hub of Manchester’s ‘Northern Quarter’, which gave rise to Damon Gough and the Twisted Nerve label.

As well as playing current single ‘Silent Sigh’, ‘A Peak You Reach’, ‘River Sea Ocean’, ‘Donna And Blitzen’ and ‘Above You Below Me’ from his forthcoming soundtrack to the movie ‘About A Boy’, Gough debuted a new track, ‘What Is It Now?’, from his second album proper, due out in September. He was so pleased with the song, based around a simple guitar refrain, that he played it twice.

Gough played guitar and keyboard, and was accompanied by a second pianist for the 90-minute set that also included ‘lost’ songs like ‘Shake The Rollercoaster’ from 1997’s EP1.

Speaking exclusively to NME.COM after the show, Gough said that he managed to fit the show in, despite the fact his partner Claire recently gave birth to a son, Oscar – the couple’s second child.

He said: “I didn’t know what I was going to expect, going out to a local crowd again in a small place which I’ve grown up in, I was fearing the worst, fearing that people would be volatile or, it was just a very warm reaction.

“It was tough because I’m knackered, I’m absolutely shattered physically from kids, I literally did the soundcheck, went home, Claire was taking care of the newborn one, and I’ve got a routine with the little girl Edie. And so I went home, made sure she got to sleep, it was like quarter-to-ten when she got to sleep, got back late, and I felt those same nerves as I did when I first played gigs in Manchester.”