He doesn't hang about, does he?...

BADLY DRAWN BOY wants to start recording a “classic sounding” new album in the spring – and finish it in a matter of months.

The star, who is currently promoting his new album ‘Have You Fed The Fish?’, said that he will try to record the majority of its follow-up in between playing festival shows throughout the summer.

“The overall goal is to do something I haven’t done,” he said. “I’ve thought of various things. At one point I wanted to release two albums simultaneously of the same material – one with a band and one completely solo and acoustic.

“I’ve basically restricted myself to writing songs that I know I can sing well with just a guitar. I’ve been writing a lot recently. It’s new territory, it’s more classic sounding slightly darker, I won’t say serious but darker but not sad or down. I want it to be a good record.”