Work on the follow-up to 'The Hour Of Bewilderbeast' has begun...

BADLY DRAWN BOY looks set to recruit BECK producer TOM ROTHROCK to help on the follow-up to ‘THE HOUR OF BEWILDERBEAST’.

Badly, real name Damon Gough met Rothrock while working on the soundtrack to the forthcoming Hugh Grant movie ‘About A Boy’ in LA.

Speaking to www.sonicnet.com in the US, the Manchester songwriter said that Rothrock, who has worked on Beck‘s albums ‘Mellow Gold’ and ‘Odelay’, and more recently on Elliott Smith‘s last album ‘Figure 8’, is likely to produce the star’s second album proper, due for release in autumn 2002.

He said: “The bottom line is neither of us are close-minded about what can happen on a record. It could be somebody shitting a bath tub and you record it and say, ‘How good does that sound?'”

Rothrock added: “Somehow everything he does sounds like Badly Drawn Boy, but at the same time, it draws from every experience I’ve ever had. All of a sudden we are programming a drum machine, looping a breakbeat, then there’s an orchestra the next day, vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, female vocals, everything you come in contact with.”

Speaking about the ‘About A Boy’ project, Goughsaid that he considered the Nick Hornby novel an “inspiring story”.

He continued: “I read the book and thought it was an inspiring story. I understood why they asked me. I tend to have a knack for writing songs about human emotions in a way where you don’t have to say it. You emote it in whatever way possible. That’s what the film is like. It’s not a big blockbuster, Hollywood thing.

“When I had a discussion with the directors, I told them I like to reference things in a way that is appropriate to me. They said that’s what they want. I tried to encompass the emotions that I felt when I read the book, which gave me loads of scope. I think I’ve added some weight to what is a really good film already.”