Damon Gough has a verbal tussle with a bunch of people who prefer to chat among themselves rather than listen to one of his stories...

BADLY DRAWN BOY walked off stage during a gig in SEATTLE after an argument with a group of people who talked through his set.

Badly Drawn Boy, aka Damon Gough, was two hours into his set before a near-capacity crowd at Seattle Showbox on Tuesday (May 15), and in the middle of telling a story between songs, when he asked a group of people at the front of the stage who were talking to listen to what he had to say.

They refused to stop and Gough went over and told them to shut up, before an argument ensued. He handed the microphone to the group and one of the girls, with an English accent, grabbed it and shouted that he’s being boring and should shut up and sing.

According to an eyewitness at the gig, Gough threw his guitar to the floor, knocked over the mic stand and kicked over a bottle or glass on the stage which smashed, then stormed off, followed by the rest of his band.

He returned after five minutes, telling the girl and her friends to fuck off, saying she should “get this guitar wrapped round her fucking neck.” Other audience members started heckling him, one guy calling him “big” for threatening to beat up a girl, to which he responded: “Sir should understand that I was suggesting that’s what she deserves – I’m not actually beating her up.”

He eventually told the guy to fuck off too, and when he replied that he’d paid money, Gough offered to refund it twice if he would just fuck off. The set then continued, and finished after three hours, with the majority of the audience intact.

The Seattle gig was 13 dates into Badly Drawn Boy‘s US tour, which winds to a close this weekend at:

San Fransisco, Fillmore (18)

Los Angeles, El Rey (20, 21)