Badly Drawn Boy in onstage meltdown during Los Angeles show – video

He calls crowdmembers "cunts" during Troubadour gig

Badly Drawn Boy lashed out at crowdmembers at his Los Angeles Troubadour show on Thursday (December 16), calling them “cunts” and telling them to “fuck off”.

Watch video footage of the outburst by scrolling down now.

The singer, real name Damon Gough, is said to have become annoyed after suffering sound problems four songs in to the gig, reports


“I don’t give a fuck, I’m going home man,” Gough told the audience. “This is the end of the show for me. Because if these cunts keep saying shit I’m fucking off. Anyone else wanna say any shit to me?”

He added: “Do you think I enjoy this? Do you think I wanna be away from my two kids and do this shit?”

After a fan shouted out “give us our money back”, Gough responded by calling her a “cunt”. He said: “Anyone that doesn’t wanna be here, fuck off. I’m gonna play some more songs. I’m trying my best, just fuck off if you don’t wanna be here. Fuck off, you LA twats.”

Gough then clarified his last statement: “I’m just saying the LA twats that need to fuck off, not the LA nice people.”

He then launched into a version of ‘What Tomorrow Brings’, before finishing the set.

Later on, Gough reportedly called the show a “fucking disaster”, adding: “I just want the world to swallow me up.”


Watch fan recorded video footage of the gig below: