The actress likes Damon Gough's music so much she agreed to appear in his new video...

JOAN COLLINS has said her “love” of BADLY DRAWN BOY is what persuaded her to appear in the video for his forthcoming single ‘SPITTING IN THE WIND’.

As previously revealed on NME.COM, the re-recorded track, formerly titled ‘Pissing In The Wind’, will be released as a single on May 7.

Damon Gough filmed a video for ‘Spitting In The Wind’ with Joan Collins, star of ‘Dynasty’ and ’70s film ‘The Bitch’, during his European tour earlier in the month.

Now, speaking to Billboard in the US, Collins has declared Gough “a very talented young man”.

She said: “I wanted to work with Damon because I consider him a very talented young man and I love his music. Doing this video appealed to me because of the strange juxtaposition of our two characters. I loved every minute.”

Collins appearance will be her first in a music video, and she is rumoured to be seen bathing and preparing for an evening out with Gough.

The single will be backed by the original ‘Pissing In The Wind’, a remix of album track ‘The Shining’ and new versions of ‘Magic In The Air’ and ‘Everybody’s Stalking’.